Network Design & Management

Tri Benedict can plan, design and install network infrastructure to support hundreds of users and devices using the latest available networking technology with fully qualified network engineers. We can also deploy Active Directory, Microsoft Exchange, Network Monitoring and Backup schedules - and even support existing corporate networks. Speak to us today so we can tailor a solution to meet your business needs which can include continuing support from Tri Benedict allowing us to solve any issues that can arise without impacting your business.

Data Backup & Recovery

To ensure the protection of your business's critical and sensitive documents - Tri Benedict can plan and implement a backup solution to ensure that you always have access to your important files. Imagine losing your accounting files, inventory or sales data - it would cripple your business.

However, if you're faced with this situation - our engineers may be able to recover your data. Speak with us immediately so we can consider the options available and the likelihood of a full recovery.

Managed IT Services

We can offer a managed service for a low monthly or quarterly investment that will give you peace of mind incase something goes wrong in the future. A Tri Benedict Service Level Agreement sets out our commitment to ensure that your business isn't affected by technology issues that we cover, and that in the event of an issue arising - our technical and network engineers will be onsite to diagnose and resolve problems. A managed solution provides the strength and expertise of a dedicated IT team at a fraction of the cost. Contact us today to discuss options available to your business.

Remote Access

If you need access to your office files, printers, servers or even your actual workstation when you're out on the road - Tri Benedict can help. From setting up Virtual Private Networking allowing your laptop or home computer to act as if it is still connected to your corporate environent, to VNC and Remote Desktop which brings your workstation directly to your laptop - we can tailor a solution that fits your needs while still ensuring the security of your enterprise.